Blood Stained Innocence

Once you fall down the rabbit hole you are changed forever and can never go back to being who you once were.

Blood Stained Innocence


On Me:
Indira Hair by Phoenix Hair @ The Black Fair *New*
Go Ask Alice Gacha: Alice's Dress & Spinning Cards by Dead Dollz @ Lootbox *New*
Adaline - Cozy Slides by Dahlia @ The Project Se7en *New*
"Marionette" Pose Set by WetCat @ The Nightmare Event *New*

Innocent Gacha Set: [Rug] #08,  [Bookclutter] #11,  [Chair] #02 RARE,  [Lanterns Still] #18, [Table] #09, [Dresses] #03 RARE,  [Stringlight] #07 & [Deco Window] #05 UNCOMMON by LAGOM & {BabyBurp} @ The Gacha Guardians *New*

Gacha! Vintage Rose Vanity *Love Ghost* RARE & Vintage Rose Vanity Stool *Love Ghost* RARE by Irrie's Dollhouse @ The Nightmare Event *New*

Masked Bust & Devil's Eye Mask by Distored Dreams @ The Nightmare Event *New*

Night Tea Sets: Blood - Cake Stand, Plate Stacks, Sugar & Cream, Teapot, Plate & Teacup & Saucer by Paper Moon @ The Nightmare Event *New*

Cotton bunny. sugar by Anc