Black Sabbath

Who is she that kneels - so respectfully before me
A virgin of snow white - purity
Do not fear - my fortunate one
Let us consummate our igneous union

Ave ave satanas  

I am the shadow - with the eyes, eyes of fire
I will fulfill your every - hellish desire
Come sit on this throne - here beside me and be mine
And we'll watch the flames get higher and higher and higher and
~Type O Negative

Black Sabbath


On Me:
Hood: Enigma by Storybook @ Salem *New*
The Rianelle Tops by Plastik @ The Nightmare Event *New*
DWL Jeans by Blueberry
Acrophobia Heels by AsteroidBox @ The Nightmare Event *New*
Pose: Solitude 3 by Foxcity

MM wiccan pentagram by Death Row Designs
Candles, Geode {Big}, Gem Pouch, Ritual Candle {Medium} & Cleansing Crystals by Aisling