Ritual Spirit

Who'll mend this broke beat star
Who’s strength do I speak of
Climbing deep burning
Climbing deeper
Kinda deep burning
~Massive Attack

Ritual Spirit


On Me:
Skin: Rose GG Aug - Red Seed (On Lelutka Simone) by Birth @ The Gacha Garden *New*
Deanna Mesh Hair by Wasabi Pills @ FaMeshed *New*
Garona Gacha Outfit: Belt Chain, Fur, Horns Back & Skirt Black by Una @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival *New*
"Mexico" choker necklace 2 by Altamura @ The Chapter Four *New*
Elvi & Elvia Tattoos by Stardust @ The Chapter Four *New*
Cara Staff by Plastik
Pose: The Crest Series Four by An Lar Poses @ The Coven *New*

Nyota Cuff & Strapped Mirror [Lean] Golden & Strapped Mirror [Lean] Rustic by Plastik @ The Fetish Fair *New*

Mystic Runes Gacha: Golden Heart Moon, Ragged Heart Moon, Ancient Wading Pond, Jeweled Lantern Pink Full, Ceremonial Stone Water Dark, Jeweled Lantern Blue Vine, Ceremonial Stone Fire Light, Stone Island Sm, Bulb Lantern Yellow Full, Ceremonial Stone Air Light & Moss Island Sm by Unkindness @ The Gacha Garden *New*