She Dreams in Digital

Guilty by design 
she's nothing more then fiction. 
she dreams in digital, 
cause it's better then nothing. 
now that control is gone, 
it seems unreal, 
she's dreaming in digital. 

Lost in a dream she cannot escape.  
Wandering the virtual, digital landscape, haunting the dreams of all who encounters her. Beware . . .It's not safe to turn off your computer once you meet her

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She Dreams in Digital


Farore Skin (Femme):// Denainele by Plastik @ Indie Teepee *New*
Cyborg Eyes (Catwa Applier) by ISHY
Dress: Petal by Storybook @ Indie Teepee *New*
Hair: Arwin by Doe @ The Gacha Guardians *New*
Cyber Arm White by Poisoned Diamond
Mechanical Wings - Subway Flyer, Silver by Aitui
Pose w/ Props: Lost in the Net B by Body Language @ We <3 Role-Play *New*

Glow Stacks: Triangle / spheres, Cube / frame only, Hexagonal / glowsticks & Cube / spheres by Disorderly @ Indie Teepee *New*

Scene: Neon overdrive by ht:home

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