Before I die alone
Before my time has gone
There's just one thing I have to do
Before the fire and stone
Before your world is gone
Have you some patience
Cuz I will have my vengeance
Before I die alone
Let me have vengeance
Before my time has gone
I will have vengeance

Madpea has a new gacha at Man Cave and its also a mystery game too called 13 Reasons to Die!!!!  I will not give away too much but you need to collect each of the pieces in the set to finish the story.  "13 Reasons Why He Had to Die is a single-player MadPea game with an occasionally shocking story and immersive ending. Players must collect all 13 tapes plus one of the rare cassette players to complete the game. Upon completion they receive an ultrarare prize and an achievement!!!"



On Me:
Skin: Jasmine Flower Group Gift (On LAQ Gaia) by Octobers4Seasons *New*
Mai Hair by #Foxy @ N21 *New*
Dina Top & Pants by Lybra @ N21 *New*
June Sneakers by Reign @ N21 *New*
Rainy Summer Jewelry: Love Bracelet, Jewel Cross Cuff, Summer Rings & Eye Bracelet by Kibitz @ N21 *New*
Chara Earrings by Dahlia @ Genre *New*
Pose w/ Gun: Pistol 2 by Poseidon

Scene: %twentyone (static) & %twentyone speaker by Anxiety @ N21 *New*

Vintage Fan - Silver (Summer Fun Hunt Item) & 13 Reasons Gacha Set: Silver Portable Cassette Player RARE, Black Portable Cassette Player RARE,  Tape 4: Mirror Mirror on the Wall & Crumpled Cassette Papers (@ ManCave) by Madpea *New*