Notice Me

I want to be permanent
A name tattooed on your lips
A scar etched in your heart
But I’m just another song
Forgotten while we were apart.

The Gacha Guardians opens up at midnight tonight and it is filled with tons of summer themed items as well as others mixed in.  The Gacha Guardians has a reward system where on your 20th pull you gain an exclusive item.  Some machines have one while others will have two.  It can be a 50/50 chance on which item you get in those cases.  I am featuring a cute bathing suit combo and chain from Justice.  The gacha also includes a mesh skirt and bikini set as well.  The decor is by Velvet Whip and comes with all sorts of summer pool decor from lounges and umbrellas to recliners.  The ultra rare item is a swimming pool!  

Notice Me


On Me:
Jessica Skin in Dark (On Catwa Lona) by Avenge @ eBento *New*
Astral Hairstyle by Beusy @ The Crystal Heart *New*
Liv Outfit Gacha: Liv Body Chain Gold & Liv Suit Red by Justice *Coming Soon to The Guardians* NEW
Pose: Ledge Sit 4 by !bang

Pool Party Gacha: Bed C, Ice Cream Tray, Cocktails Tray II, Pineapple Plate, Elegant Pool Umbrella, Beer Bottles Bucket,  Poolside Chaise Longue Red (C) & RadioCube Red by Velvet Whip *Coming Soon to The Guardians* NEW