Spill Elixir

“Sacred flame, as you dance 
Call upon my sacred glance. 
Call upon my second sight, 
Give me beauty and grace, With your light.
Blessed flame, shining bright, 
Give me now my second sight. 
Power of three, let them see, let them see It is done. 
So mote it be.”
~Spell from wiccanspells.info

The Coven opens up for a new round on May 3rd!!!  Lots of amazing witchcraft and pagan items for you to enjoy!  I am featuring a new dress from The Annex.  It reminds me of those baby-doll dresses from the 90s.  The mirrors are also from The Coven and are by Half Moon Market.  Each mirror has different texture options for different spells.  It is great for those role-players out there.

Spill Elixir


On Me:
Skin: #6 May Catwa Skin Applier by Pumec @ N21 *New*
Friday Dress by The Annex *Coming Soon to The Coven*
The Hearts & Moon Gacha: The Hearts & Moon Hair RARE &  Gold Mirror Rez by Olive @ N21 *New*
Cute Bento Rings (Vista Hands) by La Baguette @ The Secret Hideout *New*
Septum Ring Style 22 by MONS
Frye Nailpolish by Plastik 
Pose w/ Rug, Chair & Candles: By Candlelight 3 by infiniti

Onyx & SIlver Scrying Mirrors by The Half Moon Market *Coming Soon to The Coven*

Tarot Cards by Kalopsia