“Put your hand inside the hat, search with your fingers. He is the light wrapped inside the darkness. That’s the wonder of Rabbit. We think he’s not in the hat. But he is.” 
― Mark Andrew Poe

Madpea has a new hunt for Easter!  It is filled with awesome holiday items from awesome creators all over the grid and at the end you get to grab all the madpea loot too!  You can learn more about the hunt here:



Sabine Gacha Outfit: Cyan Bust, Panties, & Boots (Gift of the Guardians) by The Forge @ The Guradians *New*
Kendle by Calico @ We <3 Role-Play *New*
Rye Collar by \//. VoluptasVirutalis @ The Black Fair *Opens April 7th*
Bunny Lace Mask by Avenge @ The Kinky Event *New*
Lilian Tattoo by Nanika @ The Crossroads *New*
Almond Nails Long by #Empire *New*
Nailpolishes - Gaetane by Plastik @ The Black Fair *Opens April 7th*
Pose: The Opaque Series by An Lar Poses

Egg Nest Bed by Madpea for The Madpea Easter Egg Hunt *New*
Cotton Bunnies by Anc