Sweet & Sour

“My weaknesses have always been food and men — in that order.” 
- Dolly Parton

Won't you join me for dinner!

Sweet & Sour


On Me:
Abby Leather Jacket & Donatell Dress by Addams *New*
The Teller Jewelry by Plastik *New*
Hair: Zoya March GG by Truth *New*
Skin: Sabine in Brulee (On Catwa Lona) by Pink Fuel
Pose: The Aurora Series 4 by An Lar Poses @ Sanarae *New*

Yummy Wok Gacha Set: Table, Chairs, Plates & Utensils 4, Wall Decor 1, Egg Drop Soup, Tofu Soup, Fried Rice, Chow Fun, Bok Choy, Egg Rolls, General Tsos, Wonton Soup & Peking Duck by Pillows @ Sanarae *New*

Foliage Chandeliers by Unkindness *New*

Paper Lanterns by Pierre Ceriano 

pingfeng, niao long & xiangan by Zenith