Wicked One

tis ‘the witching time of night’
Orbed is the Moon and bright
And the Stars they glisten, glisten
Seeming with bright eyes to listen
For what listen they?
— John Keats

Oh, I am the wicked one
Never leave it alone
Moderate how it's shown

A lot of neat stuff mixed into this post today!  I am really loving this round of Kinky Event.  Wicca's Wardrobe has an amazing new outfit out for it.  Its a top and skirt in various colors.  It is fitted for all mesh bodies and system ones too.  Its super cute and sexy.  The head wrap and nose chain is a rare from .Shi at The Epiphany.  I was lucky and got it second pull!  The rare has a color change HUD for the wrap, the metal for the nose chain and the hair color.  The witchy decor is from 2 events: Madpeas Sinister hunt and The Coven. Madpeas items are more sinister and evil.  The tarot spread on the sofa is a Death spread and green crystal in the box is also for the same event.  These items are in their gacha for their new Sinister game.  The rares in this set are items that can help you tremendously in the game so it is worth a try!  The other items are opposite in nature.  They are by Candle & Cauldron for the upcoming Coven event!  These ones are more for love and romance.  LOL.  I know a total difference in theme.  The tarot cards on the table are more suitable for love and the figure candle with the couples holding each other is an item used for rl spells quite often.  I hope you enjoy this post!

The Coven opens on February 3rd, 2017!  Come see all the love spell witchy goodness :)

Wicked One


On Me:
Rufina Boots by Addams *New*
Headwrap/Unisex RARE by .Shi x Messiah @ The Epiphany *New*
Words Gacha Tattoo - 9 RARE Blossom by The White Crow @ The Epiphany *New*
Joint by Kunst
Pose: Smoking 3 by Arte

Light Studio Gacha: Couch RARE, Small Tools Table, Table with Canvases, Default Rug, Light Rug B, Easel & Stack of Canvas by C L A Vv @ The Epiphany *New*

Mystery Psychic Gacha Items: Big Candle, Sinister Slaughters Chrysoprase, & Sinister Slaughters Tarot Death Spread by Madpea *New*

 "Perpetual Prana" Gacha Set:  Love Entwined, Grimoire MYSTERY, Heart Athame, Love's 3 Card, Cauldron & White Candle Short by {Candle and Cauldron} @ The Coven *New*