Unrequited Love

For as long as I can remember
Like oil and water we collide
But you don't seem to want forever
This adventure was only real to my eyes

You don't want to listen to me
Cause freedom sounds better
Than I can sing
You love inadequately
You steal hearts like mine

Wishing someone loved you as much as you loved them.  The depths of pain you have caused my heart will heal but only with time.  I know Im not as pretty as the other girls, or successful or exotic.  But Ill find someone else out there who will love and appreciate me and see me with as much love as I hold for them.  Goodbye unrequited love . . .

Death Row Designs has a new anti-valentine's themed furniture set out at Shiny Shabby.  It comes complete with dead rose and torn photo that you can edit to add your own image of a broken relationship.  DRD also has their February group gifts out in the shop.  The Unicorn skull on the pallet, a holdable animated can of unicorn tears and a lantern comes with the VIP gift set.  Super awesome and detailed.  Though I do love unicorns and am sad to see this one dead I still love the set :P


Unrequited Love


On Me:
Zie Dress (@ Whimsical) & Nonna Necklace (@ The Liaison Collaborative) by Fetch *New*
Hair: Thali by Doe for Bishbox February *New*
Oddities Tattoo by Speakeasy @ The Signature Event *New*
Pose: Solitude #5 by Black Tulip


My Miserable Valentine Set: Desk, Lamp, Rug, Chair, Chocolates, Ephemera @ Shiny Shabby *New*
February Group Gifts: A Useful Unicorn (Skull & Pallet), Unicorn Tears Drink & Unicorn Lantern *New*
Boho Princess - Planter @ Collabor88 *New*

Cinderella Pumpkin Chair by Noble Creations @ Enchantment *New*

Sinister Slaughters Alastor Painting by Madpea for the Sinister Slaughters Game *New*

Brilliant Garland TypeB(7), Brilliant Garland TypeA(1) by Silvery K @ Whimsical *New*

Kittens from Kitties Galore Pose set by +H-D+/Le PC