Only YOU know what is right for you. Only YOU know what brings you joy. Others have their suggestions, but they do not know what you know.
~Carol Adrienne

Creator's Collection Box opens on the 18th!!  Come and check out their anniversary round with some of the best Japanese designers in SL!!!



AGEMONOYA Gacha YASSAN- (daddy chicken) & PIYOTA- (baby chikin) by [[RH]] Design House *Coming Soon to the CCB*

On Me:
Sheryl Mesh Hair by Wasabi Pills @ Rewind: A 90's Event *New*
Akira Kimono Gacha Set: Kimono Prints Rare, Katana Rare,  Ninja Star, Mask, Bra, Boots, Panties, Neck Ribbon & Floating Lanterns by The Forge @ The Fantasy Gacha *New*
Pose: FFW The Warrior by Poseidon @ The Fantasy Gacha *New*