Tell me who you are. I am spellbound
You cannot have this control on me
Everywhere I go I am spellbound
I will break the spell you put on me

The Annex has a new set of sexy camo bra and panties on the Marketplace for the Buy Now event.  There are 3 colors to choose from: Pink, Green and Grey and are made for the Maitreya body only.  The witchcraft decor can all be found at this months round of The Coven!  Think of love spells and magic for this month of February.  The hair and heart sparkles on the face are by Love at The Gacha Garden.  I wanted to convey a woman who is alone on a Friday night doing love spells to get the man of her dreams so that she won't have to be alone anymore :(  Maybe she will have someone by Valentine's Day . . .



On Me:
Skin: Melania in Dark (On Catwa Catya) by Avenge
Glitter Gacha: Sweet Talk Hair & Glitter Heart Freckles by Love @ The Gacha Garden *New*
Jolie Lingerie Camo Pink by The Annex (For Buy Now) *New*
Anna Tattoo by Aurica Store @ The Coven *New*
Bewitched love ring set (Vista Bento hands) by lassitude & ennui @ The Coven *New*
Pose w/ Vanity: Vanity Set by Ploom (Discontinued/Closed)


The Coven Items *New*:
7 Day Prayer Spell Candles by Papermoon
The Love altar, Attract quality relationships spell / charm & Cauldron Candle - Valentines by Velika Rituals
Heart Chakra Rug - White by {Candle and Cauldron}