Shield Maiden

"May Thor strike you dead"
~ Unknown

I know how to fight
I know how to sing
I know the way

Just showing my love for Vikings and strong women.  For those who do not know what a Shield Maiden is here is a description from Wiki:

"A shieldmaiden (Old Norse: skjaldmær, Danish: skjoldmø, Norwegian: skjoldmøy, Swedish: sköldmö, German: Schildmaid) in Scandinavian folklore and mythology was a woman who had chosen to fight as a warrior. They are often mentioned in sagas such as Hervarar saga ok Heiðreks and in Gesta Danorum. Shieldmaidens also appear in stories of other Germanic peoples: Goths, Cimbri, and Marcomanni.The mythical valkyries may have been based on the shieldmaidens."

Also, watch the TV show Vikings on The History Channel. It is one of my favorite shows. While the show is not historically accurate on a lot of things it is based off of the historical Sagas and is also super fun to watch too!

Shield MaidenCREDITS:

Astrid Dress & Bolero by Aisha @ Stormwood Hills *New*
Sancia Hair by Damselfly
Shield of Pain by Noble Creations

Unseelie Crown Moss by Distorted Dreams
Kora Skin in #6 Sand Beige (On Catwa Catya) by Erde
Pose: Assassin 5M by HelaMiyo