Sugar Coma

He said I'll never ever ever go away
He said he'd always always he would always stay
They said they'd never ever ever go away
They said that they would always, they would always stay.

When I think of winter I always think of candy and sweet things.  Maybe its the holidays with all of its sweet treats or maybe its that warm feeling sweets give me when its cold.  Or maybe I am just a candy addict!!!  HAHA!  Maybe so.  Epic has this super cute outfit released.  It is Omega friendly and comes with a boobie candy cane giver!!  An excuse to click on boobs!  I'm sure you all wanted that.  :P  The pose is brand new from La Baguette and its BENTO!!!  So the fingers move with the pose.  There are seated and standing poses to choose from.  You can get them at Sanarae.  The hair is the rare loot box from Nani at The Fantasy Collective.  You can wear it many ways.  The loot box contains the hair, bangs and the buns.  You can pick and choose what combination, if any, you want to wear!!!  And it comes with a fatpack HUD!  Enjoy!

Sugar Coma


My Candy Gacha Set: Rare 15 Wand, 13 Headband UnCommon, 14 Uncommon Fence, 01 Potted Red, and 08 Mistery Green by Ersch @ Lost & Found *New*

On Me:

Sweet.Holiday Elfin.Suit! by Epic *New*
Glow Up Gacha: Layla Hair & Buns Rare Lootbox by Nani @ The Fantasy Collective *New*
Leather Boots with Lace Socks by Zenith @ Uber *New*
Ikki Applier for Catwa Dyana (On Catwa Catya Bento Head) by The Sugar Garden
Kazi G. Sit 4 (Bento Poses) by La Baguette @ Sanarae *New*

Gingerbread House 2016 Large by Artisian Fantasy
Lolipop Patch 2x2 20 Apple by Aisha