“Your dreams are your spirit, your soul and without them your are dead. You must guard your dreams always. Always. Lest someone steal them away from you. I know what it is to have your dreams stolen. I know what it is to be dead. Guard your dreams. Always guard your dreams.” 
― Brom, Krampus: The Yule Lord

For those who dont know:
Krampus is a horned, anthropomorphic folklore figure described as "half-goat, half-demon", who, during the Christmas season, punishes children who have misbehaved, in contrast with Saint Nicholas, who rewards the well-behaved with gifts. (From Wikipedia)

Now that we got that out of the way.  You can find most of this awesome decor from the Death Row Designs Krampus hunt.  I love stuff like this so it was such a treat to be able to blog it!  The outfit is a new release from Aisling at We <3 Role-Play.  As usual it comes with a nifty HUD to customize it!  The hat is by Yokai and is at The Chapter Four.  It is the last days so hurry on over and grab one!



Death Row Designs Krampus Hunt Items: That Jolly Mans Boot, That Annoying Gingerbread Man, That Hideous Stocking, The Jolly Mans Reindeer, That Brat in a Cage,Krampus Sack, That Hideous Centerpiece, Krampus Minion & That Brats Old Sled

On Me:

Miris Outfit by Aisling @ We <3 Role-Play *New*
Christmas Mystery Hat by Yokai @ The Chapter Four *New*
Yule Lord Hooves & Tail by CerberusXing @ The Arcade *New*
Skin: Amelie in Prism by Alterego 
Pose: Wall Pose 02 by Artis @ 2nd Level *New*