Contained Attraction

The more I stay in here
The more it's not so clear
The more I stay in here
The more I disappear
As far as I have gone
I knew what side I'm on
But now I'm not so sure
The line begins to blur
~Nine Inch Nails "The Line Begins to Blur"

Its the final days of some really awesome events.  Don't miss out on this round of the Secret Affair.  It is a steampunk themed round and if you like clocks, gears and rust its definitely something to check out.  Aisha has released these wonderful gear wings at TSA.  They come in different metal colors for you to choose.  I am in silver.  The corset is by Emo-tions at We <3 Role-Play.  This round ends in a couple days so you should definitely come out and see what is there.  Emo-tions also has a nice harness/bra and hair there too.  It's not to be missed.

Contained Attraction


Mechanical Wings by Aisha *New*
Dajana Corset by Emo-tions @ We <3 Role-Play *New*
Time Tattoo by Nanika @ Lost & Found *New*
Juno by Pr!tty
Pose: Backside by Evolove

Cage Decor Shabby Rare by Anc @ Tannenbaum *New*