The Children of the Night

“For Hell and the foul fiend that rules
God's everlasting fiery jails
(Devised by rogues, dreaded by fools),
With his grim, grisly dog that keeps the door,
Are senseless stories, idle tales,
Dreams, whimseys, and no more.”

― John Wilmot, The Complete Poems 

Yes, the tongue moves!!!  Another new Licker creation by Soul!  Check out my gif below showing the tongue in action.  It can be found at this months The Liaison Collaborative along with other goodies to feed your "Dark Desires".

Bodyfy Opens on October 8th!  
Here is a preview of new eyes and tattoo from the event.  I am wearing Catwa Mesh eyes and applied the Omega Applier by Zombie Suicide to them.

The Children of the Night


On Me:
Hair: Malice by Spellbound @ Salem *New*
Ears: Uni Ears v2 Royal Elf by Soul @ Labyrinth *Coming Soon*
Tongue: Human Split Tongue by Soul @ The Liaison Collaborative *New*
Color of Night Gacha - Horns, pasties, Wings & Blood Coffin RARE by Le Coq D'or @ Memento Mori *New*
Belt: The Pentra Belts by Plastik @ The Liaison Collaborative *New*
Pet: Hell Puppers (held) - Oblivion RARE by Alchemy
Tattoo: Brute Tattoo by Dappa @ Bodyfy *Coming Soon*
Eyes: Ghostly Eyes by Zombie Suicide @ Bodyfy *New*
Pose: Misstress Mine by Nantra @ The Liaison Collaborative *New*
Skin: Aurelia Applier Polar 06 (Catwa Annie) by Glam Affair @ Salem *New*

The Witching Hour - Cauldron RARE by Madpea @ Salem *New*

Tabitha's Old Church RARE by Kalopsia @ Salem *New*