Death Whispered A Lullaby

As a rule, they say humans haunted by a shinigami have nothing but misfortune.
~Ryuk "Death Note"

A former playground now filled with toxic waste and . . . GHOSTS!!  The reaper lurks around every corner waiting to steal the souls of those who enter. . . Beware . . .

Death Whispered A Lullaby


On Me:
Hair: Widow Hair by Love @ Memento Mori *New*
Dress: Autumn School Uniforms by Zenith @ The Project Se7en *New*
Boots: SLE MP! Stompers Inverse Blk. White by Epic *New* Only on the MP!
Cleaver: Bloodbone Cleaver (Blood) by CerberusXing @ Memento Mori *New*
Scars: Corpse Scars & Bruises-Shattered RARE by The Horror! @ Memento Mori *New*
Pose: Sit 022 by !bang

We <3 Role-Play Stuff: *New*
Koi Glitter Puffs by E.V.E Studio
Gothic Mausoleum, Gothic Grave & Grim Reaper Floor Light by 22769
Ritual Tree by Rekt & Violetility

Tombstones by Death Row Designs for The Black Dahlia Hunt *New*

Broken Fairywheel Cart - Gift of Guardians by 22769 for Gacha Guardians *New*

"Graffiti Town" Oil Drum Duo by CIRCA