Bell, Book & Candle

The last thing you wanted a witch to do was get bored and start making her own amusements, because witches sometimes had famously erratic ideas about what was amusing.
~Terry Pratchett, "Discworld: The Sea and Little Fishes"

Casting spells to make the perfect man . . .  Can it be done????  Haha!  Well, I do know one thing I can make some mean looking eyeballs!!!!

Bell, Book & Candle


Spellbook Gacha Items: Witch Hat Rare, Eyeballs, Cauldrons, Spellbook, Potion Bottles, Candles by Yokai @ Sanarae *New*
Cremation Urns by Soul for the Cemetery Hunt *New*

Skylar Dress in Veins by Tee*fy @ N21 *New*
Arya Boots by CandyDoll @ N21 *New*
Hair w/ Hat: Wish by Besom @ The Epiphany *New*
Composure Tattoo by Speakeasy @ Bloody Horror *New*
Pose: The Witch 3 by EvoLove *Coming Soon to The Coven Event!*

Witches Cottage by Violetility *Coming Soon to The Coven Event!*