The Goblin Queen

I am not just Jean Grey's clone. I'm Madelyne Pryor, the one and only. Not so much resurrected from the dead... as reborn.
--Madelyne Pryor (Marvel Comics)

Another lesser known villain from Marvel Comics.  I like her because she is kinda the underdog who totally got screwed over badly in the X-Men world.  She was once a part of the X-Men team and Cyclops first wife.  She had a series of bad things happen to her including losing her son (Cable) and finding out she is the clone of Jean Grey.  This caused Cyclops to abandon her turning her into a villain.  Do you blame her??  Cyclops is a jerk! Anyways, this character is lesser known because she was actually written into nonexistence for many years in the Marvel Universe!  Yeah, I know, crappy.  She has returned to the pages of Marvel Comics to cause more trouble so it is all good now :P

The Goblin Queen

Unedited Close Ups


Boots: Vintage Lace Legwarmers by Zenith @ Tres Chic *New*
Hair: Alana Hair by Phoenix Hair
Top: Roro by Blueberry
Panties: Nevah Panties by Aisling
Cape: Fight Cape by Boys to the Bone *New*
Skin: Kendall in Pale  (On Catwa AnnaGrey) by Egozy *New*
Nails: Sehra Nail Polish by Plastik @ The Cosmetic Fair *New*
Pose comes with Chair

Goblin King Throne by Lewd
Antique Stage by Anc
Goblins by Harshlands