I've been waiting for you all night. Step out of the shadows. I won't bite.
~Enchantress, Suicide Squad

I told you all Enchantress was coming.  Here she is!  And you can find the hair, crown, makeup and body appliers all at We <3 Role-Play! YAY!  Sadly, there are absolutely no Enchantress costumes in SL for mesh bodies . . . So, again, I had to put something similar to the movie outfit together.  I used the new chestlace harness by Aisling (also at We <3 RP), a collar also by Aisling and a metal bikini by Noble Creations.  The bracelets are by RealEvil.  I wish I could find black pearls to wear that went all the way down the arms.  I have white pearl ones but nothing that is black.  Maybe one day we will be granted some mesh body friendly costumes for more super heros and villains in SL (and not just more Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy outfits. C'mon there are more characters out there!!) . . . Anyways, enjoy this look!



On Me:
Hair, Headpiece & Tattoos: Enchantress by RunAway @ We <3 Role-Play *New*
Bikini: I'm a Bad Girl by Noble Creations
Chestlace: Viralia Chestlace 2 by Aisling @ We <3 Role-Play *New*
Collar: Nura by Aisling
Bracelets: Dark Queen Bracelets by RealEvil
Pose: The Jali Series Five by An Lar Poses @ The Expose *New*

Here Be Octopus Tablet & Skull Cave by MeadowWorks
MM Cobwebs REWARD by Death Row Designs @ The Arcade *New*