Villans Are More Exciting!

Lets Go Shopping Harley! Meow!

I like being a villain. Villains are more exciting.

~Judd Nelson

I tried to make homage to the Ertha Kitt Catwoman from the 60's which is super hard to do in SL as there is literally nothing from that era that is modern for mesh bodies :(  If you do not know who Ertha Kitt was the look her up.  She was the original Catwoman from the really bad (horribly bad) TV shoe with Adam West.  She was one of the first African American women on TV and definitely the inspiration for Michelle Pfiefers Catwoman in Batman Returns.  Really she was the only good thing about that terrible Batman TV show.  LOL.  This photo was taken with my friend Ella Sparks.  Her version of the photo can be found here: Ellas Version

Villans Are More Exciting

Unedited Close Ups


On Me:
Catsuit, Heels & Gun: Catwoman 2 by ADN
Hair: Luna II by Calico Hair @ Hairology *New* 
Mask: Cat-Mask by SinfulSky
Skin: Alena in Nougat by Egozy *New*
Pose: Posing on a Bar Stool 1 by Nanika

Hairless Cats: Sphinx Cat by Black Bantam @ C88 *New*
Necklaces on Cats: Plane Necklace by Paper Arrow @ Uber *New*
All other cats by Mutresse
Dealer Kitchen by Nikotin

On Ella:

Outfit: Madcap Gacha Set by Bluberry & Grixdale
Gloves: Bow Leather Glove by RealEvil
Hair: Harley by Little Bones
Tattoo: Insane by Speakeasy