There Are No Such Things As Limits

" I am Storm, and for me, there are no such things as limits."
~Ororo Munroe, X-Man

I had to do a Storm photo.  The new boots by The Forge at The Gacha Garden totally reminded me of superhero sexy boots and the first character I had in mind was Storm from X-Men.  But not just any incarnation of Storm, oh nooooo, I wanted the super awesome 80's mohawk version of her.  Now the hard part was the outfit.  The Storm outfits that are available are either only made for system avatars or have converted system clothing and old lolas appliers (before HD textures) into Omega ones.  What results is a blurry mess on a mesh body and was a big disappointment.  Not to mention the accessories were pre-mesh and just did not work out for my imagery.  With this dilemma I decided to put together my own Storm outfit using items from some of the best creators in SL (and that I already had in my inventory which is over 100K!!)  For the bodysuit and gloves I used the Marion superhero outfit gacha items by Addams.  The cape is by Aisling and comes in various sizes and is unisex.  The boots are by the Forge and the mowhawk is by Adoness.  The hair base is by Vanity Hair.  The final result was bad ass and better than anything you can find on the Marketplace currently.  I hope this changes soon and we see some quality X-men outfits come out that are mesh and mesh body friendly!  I hope you enjoy this look and image as much as I did making it!

There Are No Such Things As Limits


Bodysuit & Gloves: Marion Hero Costume by Addams
Boots: Banshee Boots by The Forge @ Gacha Garden *New*
Hair: Astrild by Adoness *New*
Cape: Danae by Aisling
Pose: Super Four by oOoStudio

Concrete Jungle Gacha: Row Houses, City House & Old Factory by UnKindness *New*