Never Forget Your Original Intention

Never forget your beginner's spirit! 
~Japanese Proverb

When I hit the bloggers "blahs" and I cannot motivate myself to do a new post I remember why I began blogging.  I love fashion and I really wanted to learn photo editing and how to take good photos in SL.  It is fun to learn new things, create new styles and scenes and play with windlights inworld. Once I start playing around again with my inventory and taking random pics I feel happy again!  YAY!  This isnt about getting a million favs and views its about ME and what I love!  We all tend to forget why we started and get lost in the numbers.  They are just numbers, they are not important in the long run.  Getting 99+ and thousands of favs is meaningless if you hate what you do.  Dont do it because thats what is required to be popular and noticed.

 I went through this incredibly bad earlier this year after trying to get some sponsors with ridiculous requirements.  I did all sorts of things to get my numbers high.  My mind was in the wrong place.  I forgot why I loved doing what I do and it killed my imagination and drive.  And all my SL friends wanted to kill me too (haha).  I was a stressed out mess.  It was not worth it!  RL is stressful enough, my SL should be fun and not add to that stress.
Enjoying what you do IS IMPORTANT!  Love it, embrace it and cherish it!

Never Forget Your Original Intention


Dress: Ginko 3 by !gO! @ The Fantasy Gacha *New*
All Accessories: Nihon Gacha Set by ERSCH @ Bon Voyage *New*
Hair: Out of Breath by Magika
Skin: Lilo in Polar SOI (Catwa Applier) by Glam Affair @ The Gacha Garden *New*
Pose: Walkin' Five by Flowey

Japanese Garden Set: Stepping Stones, Momiji Maple & Small Trees, Grass Set & Moss Set by [[RH]] @ Creator's Collection Box *New*

Peacock by Jian @ Collabor88 *New*