Dragons Speak

“We're all ghosts. We all carry, inside us, people who came before us.”
― Liam Callanan, The Cloud Atlas 

Dragons Speak

Unedited Close Ups


Moroccan Dreams by Chez Moi *New*
Twisted Oak Bird Bath by UnKindness @ Whimsical *New*
Belle Rouge Planter by Noctis @ Genre *New*
Nomad Campfire by 22769

On Me:
Top & Panties: Bound by Aisling @ The Fetish Fair *New*
Leg Warmers: Savage by Storybook @ The Fantasy Collective *New*
Pasties: Letitia Pasties by Sn@tch @ Genre *New*
Anklets: Mahab Barefoot Anklets by Aisha @ The Fantasy Collective *New*
Hair: Honey by Besom @ N21 *New*
Head, Arm & Waist Accessories: Japel Jewlery Set by
Aisling @ The Fantasy Gacha *New*
Skin: Eirtae - T7 - Nutmeg // Showgirl by Lumae @ Genre *New*
Pose: Dreamweaver Pilows by EvoLove