The Greatest Secrets are Hidden in Unlikely Places

Everything that's real
And everything unrealized
All infinity
Starts falling from your eyes
We are fluid dreams
Vivid memories
All uncertainly
Leads to eternity
All that we perceive
In every mystery
Who are we
What we see
I can't comprehend
~All That We Perceive by Thievery Corporation

Check out these new wonderful shiny mouses!  LMAO.  I know, not a real world but it is now.  I saw these crazy mice while exploring the Fantasy Faire and thought "wow, those are cute but I would never blog them".  LOL.  Lo and Behold, here they are on my blog and to share with all of you the absolute adorableness of them.  There are quite a few different kinds doing different activities too.  I am only displaying the ones that fit my garden theme but there are some doing fun summer things too. The flower planters and apple ladder and basket are also by Kaerri too. These are fun and cute and you should definitely check them out at Kaerri's booth at the Fantasy Faire Bright Haven sim!  The giant tree are also from the Faire and are by Anc.  Gorgeous as always.  The garden tool shed is by Chez Moi and is at Tres Chic.  That set is loaded with animations for you to play with!

The Greatest Secrets are Hidden in Unlikely Places

Garden Shed by Chez Moi @ Tres Chic *New*
Ancient Stone Pathway by Heart *New*
Forest Shed by Ionic

*New* Fantasy Faire Stuff:
 "Harugasumi" Sakura Tree & Falling Petals by Anc
 Mice: Daffodil Mouse, Fairy Mouse & Butterfly Net Mouse, Impatients Planter (RFL Donation Item), Apple Backet, Apple Tree Ladder, Lavender Fields & Moroccan Hanging Lantern by Kaerri