Hood Winked

Eyes black, big paws and
It's poison and
It's blood
And big fire, big burn
Into the ashes
And no return

We took you out
From your mother’s womb
Our temple, your tomb
Can be your pick
Not pawned
The poisonous blood

We've been calling
Black paw who’s soaring
We go out in the morning
Down the trail
To somewhere

You are the sound that I hear
You are the sound that I hear
We are not standing
We are falling

~Lyrics from The Wolf by Fever Ray

Hood Winked

Unedited Close Ups


Dress w/ Hood: Red Riding Hood Wolf Blood by U.F.O.
Hair: Licorice by Beusy @ N21 *New*
Socks & Shoes: Dolly Plats by Reign
Pose: The Greta Series by An Lar Poses @ Shiny Shabby *New*

Gypsy Vardo & Kataii Medicine Wagon v2 by Folkloric @ Fair Play *New*
Wolves & Wishing Well by Jian