Down the Rabbit Hole

“In another moment down went Alice after it, never once considering how in the world she was to get out again.”― Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 

Down the Rabbit Hole

Unedited Close-Ups


Dress: Wonderland Dress (Fitted Mesh) by Orquidea @ Tea Party Fair *New*
Hair: Aquaria 2 by Emo-tions
Necklace: Victorienne Jewelry by Plastik @ The Secret Affair *New*
Clutch: The Grimoire Bag & Clutch by Plastik @ Shiny Shabby *New*
Skin: The Peasant Skin by Stargazer Creations @ Genre *New*
Pose: Abduction 8 by Infiniti

Industrial Frame by UnKindness @ The Liaison Collaborative *New*
Chic Wall Clock by UnKindness @ Tres Chic *New*
Opulent Ottoman & Table by UnKindness @ Love to Decorate *New*
Dripping Cup & Pot by BoildEgg
Overgrown Tea Cans by Nefarious Inventions @ Lost & Found *New*
Wonderland Pocketwatch by Exposeur
Cotton Bunny Sugar by Anc
Pocket Watch by Apple Fall