Ride the energy of your own unique spirit

“The beauty of life is to be different. Set yourself apart from the crowd, and flourish into the person you were meant to be.”
― Julian Aguilar

Stargazer is coming out with Togruta lekku for all her skins!  YAY!  I always wanted to be a togruta in SL.  I am in her Valetines limited edition avatar but more skin colors are coming soon!  Enjoy!

Ride the energy of your own unique spirit

Full Avatar (Skins, Head Tails, Head Appliers): Velveteen Avatar Special Edition by Stargazer Creations *New*
Bikini & All Accessories: Phryne Set (Full Gacha Set) by Aisling @ The Fantasy Gacha *New*
Staff: Staff of the Wintermoons by XAnSA @ Fair Play *New*
Head: Gwen by Catwa
Pose: Emma 3 by BellePoses @ The Showroom *New*