Please Make Him Love Me

I need you to be the guide
The mirror to the sky and sea
Portray all above and below
The gate of life and death
The sea of my loneliness
It needs to have a sky
To go with my story
I also need to have your words
Like a king has his moon
A queen has her sun
To make the song go on
Make the song go on
The creator of gods
Make the song go on and on
On and on

~Lyrics from "You I Need" by Amorphis

She lifts her arma and waves her oaken wand chanting to the ancient Gods.  She desires her love to come back to her, to love her and complete her life.  Oh where are you my love?!  Please return to me.  I will love you forever . . .

The last day of The On The Boardwalk Gacha is today the 19th!  
You got to go and grab all the anti-Valentines/love themed stuff!  Why?  Because it is oh so good to pull this stuff out when you want to freak out people.  HAHA!  Also, Whimsical is open and Plastik has released the cutest little set with magic wands, necklaces, a staff and adorable wings!  All customizable too!  I am also wearing my Sadie head by Logo.  It has been updated for Omega!  YAY!  It is my favorite of the three heads and am glad to see it has been updated.  Enjoy!

Please Make Him Love Me

Unedited Close Ups


On Me:

Top: Dope Tank Pizza Queen by Elysian @ OtB Gacha *New*
Pants: Crowe Leggings by Vinyl
Hair: Melona by Spellbound @ Hentai Fair *New*
Wand & Wings: Petrichor Druid Gacha by Plastik @ Whimsical *New*
Necklaces: Amalthea Jewelry by Plastik @ Enchantment *New*
Garter: Something Boo RARE by 1313 Mockingbird @ OtB Gacha *New*
Skin: Doll V2 by Pink Fuel
Head: Sadie by Logo
Pose: Feel the Magic by Elephante Poses

Old Bookcase by Noble Creations @ Totally Top Shelf *New*
Home Collection -Distressed Heart Marquee by QE Designs @ OtB Gacha *New*
Voodoo Hang the Ex by Magnum Opus @ OtB Gacha *New*
Newly Singles Table (For XOXO Hunt) by Fetch *New*
Broken Heart Bowl by Kelli Kreations @ OtB Gacha *New*
Veryn Staff by Plastik @ Whimsical *New*
Extinct Magic Cloche:// Royal (Bloody) by Plastik @ Enchantment *New*

"Romantique" Area Rug - Ruby Vintage Damask by CIRCA @ The Thrift Shop *New*