Letting Go of Fear

"Oh, she should never have meddled with a real harpy! Or a real unicorn for that matter. Because the truth melts her magic, always."
~Schmendrick from "The Last Unicorn" 

As he views Madame Fortunas cursed harpy in it's cage.  A harpy is meant to be free . . .

Letting Go of Fear

Unedited Close Ups


Bikini, Accessories & Wings: Harpy Gacha by Storybook @ Enchantment *New*
Hair: Windsong by Exile
Claws: Claws Dark by Meva @ Enchantment *New*
Upper Tattoo: Seek Tattoo by Speakeasy @ Gen Neutral *New*
Skin: Eirtae in Solaris Group Gift by Lumae *New*
Pose: Jumping, Flying & Falling Poses 3 by K&S