Red as Blood, White as Snow, Black as Ebony Wood

It is when we are most lost that we sometimes find our truest friends. 
~Brothers Grimm

Today, I just read the real Brothers Grimm Little Snow-White story.  It is pretty gruesome how the queen dies.  That part was not in Disney.  Also, the part where the queen tries to strangle Snow, thats not in Disney either.  Moral of the story, being vain is bad mmmm'kay!  Oh, and "Do not talk to strangers!"  Both lead to bad circumstances.  This image was my first ever attempt at using Photoshop Lightroom.  The image itself was difficult but for a good reason.  Those lanterns by UnKindness are gorgeous and so so so bright!  It is wonderful for the home and garden but hard when you have an uber pale avatar for a picture.  lol.  Enjoy!

Red as Blood, White as Snow, Black as Ebony Wood


Outfit & Heels: Snow White Babe by Crazy Kitty
Hair: Lithe by Besom @ The Fantasy Collective *New*
Skin: Milly Tone 01 (Lelutka Applier) RARE by YS & YS @ The Fantasy Collective *New*
Pose: Death by Apple by FN Ninjas


Enchanted Lanterns by UnKindness @ The Fantasy Collective *New*
Long Eared Jerboas & Resting Deer by +Half-Deer+
Bushel of Apples by Stormwood *New*
Weasels (decor) by MishMish @ Collabor88 *New*
Cotton Bunnies by Anc