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I need this job like a leper needs a three-way mirror!

Some of you might be too young to remember Elvira but you may have heard of her.  I was incredibly young when she was popular but my mother was a huge fan of her show and then her movie so I was heavily exposed to her character.  If you have not heard of her I say check her out.  She is goth, hilarious and campy plus she is uber sexy and lives in a pink mansion in Hollywood (Real life not the show)!  Anyways, this dress my avatar is wearing is the Elvira Dress by The Annex and is super gorgeous!  It gives you all the sexy curves of Elvira :)  It is 100% mesh.  I also have on some gorgeous Lelutka applier makeup by The White Armory.  There are several different colors.  It can be found at Fair Play.  The choker is also found at Fair Play.  You should check them out as this round is a charity event.  And, if you love fantasy then you will love this event!  I hope you all enjoy this style.

My Lair

Close-Ups of the Makeup and Choker


Gown: Elvira Dress by The Annex *New*
Hair: Kyu Hair by Tableau Vivant *New*
Choker: Evil Eye Choker by MUSE @ Fair Play *New*
Septum: Lil Heart Septum by Tabou Irresistable
Umbrella w/ Bats: Batbrella by !WorN?
Skin: Iza (Lelutka Applier) in Dark Ran by Lara Hurley
Makeup: Beetlejuice Lelutka Makeup Lydia by The White Armory @ Fair Play *New*
Tattoo: Shadows Tattoo Seasons Story Gift by Speakeasy *New*
Pose: The Dress #13 by Black Tulip


'Oh Salem Dolls'  Vintage Hanging Dolls Tree [RARE] by Reverie for Tag! *New*
Hocus Pocus - Cauldron by Birdy
Occult Candles by Coquette @ The Fantasy Collective *New*
Dark Magic Salt Circle, Altar & Skull by May's Soul @ The Epiphany *New*
Old Candles by Amala @ The Epiphany *New*