The Cat Burglar

As I was saying, I'm a woman and can't be taken for granted. Life's a bitch, now so am I. 
~Catwoman, Batman Returns

So this jumpsuit with the goggles and whip is called Catwoman.  So, of course, I had t do a Catwoman pic.  And with it being close to Halloween this is another perfect pic for the month.  But just so you all know, it's always close to Halloween with me o.O Haha!  Anyways, I figured the closest rendition of Catwoman is the new one from The Dark Knight Rises featuring Anne Hathaway as Catwoman.  I added in the cute ears by Suicidal Unborn.  Those come with a easy to use HUD for multiple colors and metals and the boots are by Shey and are in their discounted section.  They only fit Slink feet and you must demo as I had to shrink my legs slightly to fit into them.  The costume, by Conotte, does come with shoes but I felt the high boots were much more sexier (Meeeeooow!).  The pose is from a gacha at the Verocity store (35L per pull or something like that!!).  And yes, it does come with the props.  Yall do not know how long I have been looking for a decent pose with a gun beyond Tabou Irresistibles poses.  Anyways, enjoy!

The Cat Burgler


Jumpsuit, Whip & Goggles:  Catwoman by Conotte *New*
Hair: Faith Hair by Wasabi Pills @ FaMeshed *New*
Boots: Tres Q Boot by Shey
Choker: Kitten Collar by Random Matter
Cat Ears: Kitty Headband by Suicidal Unborn 
Piercings: Secret Love by ClarityMoon
Claws: Marlee Claws (gacha) by Kibitz
Skin: Kalani in Caramel Autumn by Alterego *New* For the Autumn Effect Hunt!!
Mouth: Nyam Nyam by Cathode Rays

Pose w/ Gun: Boomdock Saints 11 (Gacha) by Verocity

Photo taken on the New York City Sim.