Please, Save Me!

Insanity is relative. It depends on who has who locked in what cage.
~Ray Bradbury

Bwahahahahahaha!  I have totally lost my mind . . . in this picture.  ;)  I saw this awesome bloody harness by The Doll House at Totally Top Shelf and the Padded Walls Exposeur pose set at The Nightmare event and fell over with ideas.  This was one.  The head is by Genesis Lab (Amber 2.0) and it is available at The Fantasy Collective, which by the way, ends tomorrow October 15th.  Its a cute head if you like that little Doll look.  Kind of creepy and cute at the same time and it has emotions!  And it's not a gacha head either!  Woot! I hope you all like this image as much as I had fun making it.  Enjoy!

Please Save Me


Harness: Punch Harness Blood by The Doll House @ Totally Top Shelf *New*
Panties: Sexy Lace Panties by Crazy Kitty
Hair: Editorial Underwater (gacha) by Tableau Vivant
Lobotomy Needle: LobAutumny Needle RARE by Katat0nik @ Seasons Story *New*
Tattoo: Nevermore Tattoo by G.ID
Skin: Niska Varda Hollow by Lumae *New*
Head: Amber 2.0 by Genesis Lab @ The Fantasy Collective *New*
Lipstick: Lilith 2.0 Real Blood Tattoo by Genesis Lab

Pose & Set: Padded Room Bloody by Exposeur @ The Nightmare Event *New*

Save Me Sign: MM Wall Textures by Death Row Designs
Hands: Zombie Hands by pIRA