Just Fishing For a Purpose in Life . . .

A bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work.  
~Author Unknown

Yay!  It is time to go fishing.  Today my fishing boat has taken me to the Bayou down in Louisiana.  This entire scene is made up of items by UnKindess.  UnKindess has a new set out at the Gacha Garden (which opens on November 1st!!  Mark it on your calendars).  The set is Bayou themed so it has that backwoods country charm.  Like when your driving through an area thats kinda shady.  Yeah, this set has that mood.  I hope you enjoy!

Just Fishing For a Purpose in Life


On Me:
Hair: Dreya Black RARE by Pepe Hair @ The Gacha Garden (Opens Nov 1st!) *New*
Shirt: Walsh Sweater by Vinyl
Pose: Fishing by Sylva's Animation Factory


More Gacha Garden Stuffs:
In the Bayou Swamp Shack RARE, Bayou Common Shack, Bent Cypress, Cypress 1, Cypress 2, Fishing Boat SOI, Crab Trap Green, Crab Trap & Crabs, Crumbling Dock RARE, Junk Pile 1, & Junk Pile 3 by UnKindess (Gacha Garden Opens Nov 1st!)

SRS Fix Your Shit, Always Open RARE, Barrel Mess 2 by UnKindess (Found at their mainstore!)