Hero or Villian

You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.
~Harvey Dent from Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight

For this post I was going for the is this a hero or villain coming at me right now kind of feel.  I am going to leave that interpretation up to you.  Is this person trustworthy?  Hahaha!  Anyways, I love just about everything in this pic and what I am wearing.  I am not a lingerie fan irl or in sl.  I just do not buy it and if I do I hardly wear it.  But if I get it for free then I will have fun with it.  Just not in the typical sexy like fashion.  Haha.  I got this to blog and thought a superhero pic would be awesome in it since superheros are almost naked anyways for the most part.  The lingerie was the only thing I had an issue with.  For those with mesh bodies we all know the issues of wearing lace and using an alpha mask.  This wouldnt have been a problem if the whole piece was on 1 layer.  Instead, the underwear is separate from the rest so it has to be worn on another layer which means an alpha mask needs to be on or the panties disappear.  I discuss this more in the vlog video.  The lingerie works on Belleza, Lolas, Maitreya and system bodies.  For image reasons I was able to wear a upper tattoo, by identity, with this but inworld it would look really bad because of the alpha mask you would have to wear to keep it from disappearing randomly.  I hope you like this style!

Hero or villian


Lingerie: Sexy Lingerie by Conotte *New*
Hair: Freya by Vanity Hair *New* for the MIX September 2015
Heels: Euphoria by KC Couture

Mask: Royalty Kingdom Ravenne Mask Raven RARE by Pink Acid @ TFC *New*
Wings: Angel Wings by The Forge @ Uber *New*
Choker: Puddin by Quirky
Cigarette: Cutie Pipe by Dirty Stories

Tattoo: Deep Ocean Tattoo by Identity
Skin: Clara Applier in Tropic by Glam Affair @ Uber
Head: Stella by Lelutka
Pose: Super One by oOoStudio

Statue: Visage Stone Statue RARE 06 by Paper Moon