Beautiful Sorrow

“The 'feminine' woman is forever static and childlike. She is like the ballerina in an old-fashioned music box, her unchanging features tiny and girlish, her voice tinkly, her body stuck on a pin, rotating in a spiral that will never grow.”
 ~Susan Faludi

Always be yourself & love yourself. Do not let false perceptions of who you should be run your life.

Beautiful Sorrow: REIGN. BALLERINA CONTEST ENTRY: Sugarfairy88 Resident

Bodysuit: Marla by Dead Dollz @ We <3 Roleplay *New*
Hair: Atlas Hands by Moon @ Kustom9 *New*
Ballet Warmers: Ballerina Warmers by Reign @ Collabor88 *New*

Head Piece: Ewing Head Piece by Le Forme
Nose Chain: Bismillah Nose Chain by Dead Dollz @ FGC *New*
Mouth Piercings: Doll Lips by Punch

Runny Mascara: Black Mascara Tears by Freekz
Tattoo: Real Victory #4 by Identity @ FGC *New*
Skin: Odine in Puddin' by PixyStix @ Mesh Body Addicts Fair *New*

Pose comes with Tightrope by Anc


Cirque de Reverie Blanc Tent, Blanc Tightrope, Balloons Floor, Signboard, Hang Ball, Balloon Stand, Hanging Chair by Anc
Flottante puppy. cream . standB / with Collar by Anc @ Collabor88 *New*
Glitter Floor & Star Circle by Keke @ Collabor88 *New*
Nebra Beads by Anc @ Collabor88 *New*