Where to Next?

“Some beautiful paths can't be discovered without getting lost.”
― Erol Ozan

Where to Next

Dress: Lulu Dress Pink by CNZ @ ToBeOutsider Room *New*
Hair: 001 by Besom @ The Hair Fair 2015 *New*
Heels: Serene Heels Magenta by Breathe @ The Epiphany *New*

Glasses: Valentina Glasses (Group Gift. TY!) by Suicidal Unborn
Purse: Gamaguchi Bag Kuroniwa #22 by Who What @ Origami *New*
Bracelet: Bell Bracelets by Altair @ Origami *New*

Arm Tattoos: Fabia Tattoo by Things @ Wayward Carnival *New*
Leg Tattoo: My Dear Fairy by Pervette
Skin: Ashley Tone 8 by La Petite Morte @ Indie Teepee *New*

Photo taken on the Millhouse Beanery Coffee House sim.