Far East Movement

Experience the beauties of nature, and in doing so learn about yourself.
~Japanese Saying

Far East Movement


Kimono: Short Kimono Gown by Silvery K @ Mizu: A Rainy Story
Bra: Lita Lingerie by Ravnous
Hair: Allie by Blues @ Kustom9 *New*
Sandals: Free Love Barefeet by Crazy Kitty

Hair Base: Twigs 3 Hair Base by Paperbag
Nose Chain: Sak' Acat Nose Chain by Maya
Earring & Bracelets: Lost Eden Rebecca by Maxi Gossamer
Mouth Piercings: Lissandra Piercings by Suicidal Unborn
Flower Necklace: Floral Collar by Sweet Lies
Long Necklace: Chunky Crystal Pink by Yummy @ The Arcade *New*
Parcel: Rabbit in the Moon Sac Pink by Tentacio & Antielle @ The Arcade *New*
Dragon: Solstice Dragon Infinite Light by Half-Deer @ The Arcade *New*

Tattoo: Akina by Endless Pain Tattoos @ WEIB Room *New*
Skin: Arlene in Havana by alterego *New*

Pose: Petals Poses by Label Motion

Background Stuff:

Puffy Grass by Alirium
Gongdeng & Niao Long (gacha) by Zenith
Background by Jessies Textures